Tubular Elastic bandages 3.5cm x 20m


Tubular elastic bandages are designed to provide uniform compression and support to the affected area. They are commonly used to treat lymphedema, prevent edema, and reduce post-burn scarring.

Tubular elastic bandages are an effective tool for providing targeted compression and support to a wide range of injuries and conditions. Made of elastic material, these bandages provide 360-degree uniform compression, making them ideal for treating lymphedema, preventing edema, and reducing post-burn scarring.

These bandages come in a range of sizes and lengths to accommodate different needs, and are easy to apply and adjust. Whether you’re dealing with a minor injury or a more serious condition, a tubular elastic bandage can help to alleviate pain and promote healing. They are a must-have addition to any first aid kit, providing versatile support and compression for a variety of injuries and conditions.


3.5cm x 20m