Tubular Support Bandage 10m – B Small Hand


Ideal for hand and wrist support, this Tubular Support Bandage offers consistent pressure and is essential for physiotherapists and orthopaedic wards. The 10m, size B bandage is designed for small hands, ensuring a snug, secure fit.

The Tubular Support Bandage 10m – B for small hands is a high-quality, elasticated support essential for effective injury management and prevention in clinical settings. Perfect for physiotherapy departments and orthopaedic wards, this bandage provides uniform pressure, promoting healing and stability for the hand and wrist.

The bandage’s elasticity and 10m length ensure versatility and efficiency in cutting to size, making it a staple supply in healthcare settings focused on musculoskeletal injuries. Its durability and ease of application make it a preferred choice for professionals aiming for optimal patient care.