Safety Cannula Spring Type GP pack (5x 18G, 24G, 10 x 20G, 22G,)

The Safety I.V Cannula GP pack (Spring type) cannula is a medical device that has 100% blood check valve, it is designed & packed sterile especially for the GP. The pack contains 5 x 18G, 5 x20G, 5x 22G, 5 x 24G cannulas. The GP pack is designed with the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals in mind. It features a color-coded catheter hub body that conforms to EN ISO – 10555 standards, and thin-walled catheters that comply with USP Class VI standards.

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Nanotech Medical’s Safety Cannula Spring Type Blood Tech is an innovative tool designed to improve the safety of blood draws. This cannula features a spring-loaded mechanism that helps prevent accidental needlestick injuries, which are a common hazard in healthcare settings. The spring mechanism retracts the needle automatically into the cannula as soon as it penetrates the vein, eliminating the need for manual retraction and minimizing the risk of accidental exposure to contaminated needles. The catheters are available in various lengths and gauges to suit different procedural and patient requirements. The device also features a gently tapered catheter tip that provides a smooth transition from needle to catheter, reducing penetration forces. The siliconized stainless steel needle is ultra-sharp with a triple facet bevel, ensuring painless venipuncture. The device has a transparent flashback chamber that confirms venipuncture and ensures smooth fluid flow. It is sterilized by ethylene oxide, non-pyrogenic, and features a fail-safe needle-stick prevention feature. The product requires no extra user training and has a smooth needle withdrawal in a single action.


18G, 20G, 22G, 24G