Safety Cannula Slider Type (50 Box)


The Safety I.V Cannula (Slider type) is a medical device that has 100% blood check valve it is designed with the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals in mind.

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The Safety I.V Cannula (Slider type) is a cutting-edge medical device that incorporates the latest in medical technology to deliver exceptional performance, safety, and convenience. It features a revolutionary designed passive safety design that provides advanced needle-stick prevention features, ensuring the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals. The device boasts a color-coded catheter hub body that conforms to EN ISO – 10555 standards, and thin-walled catheters that comply with USP Class VI standards. The catheters come in a variety of lengths and gauges, making it easy to accommodate different procedural and patient needs.

The device is designed with customized automated tipping technology (CATT), which ensures lower penetration forces and optimal trim distance, providing a smooth transition from needle to catheter. The siliconized stainless steel needle is ultra-sharp with a triple facet bevel, ensuring smooth and painless venipuncture. It also has a transparent flashback chamber that provides immediate confirmation of venipuncture and ensures smooth flow of blood or other fluids.


18G, 32mm, 20G, 32mm, 22G, 25mm, 24G, 25mm