Sprague Stethoscope (Black)

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The Sprague Stethoscope is a versatile, dual-tubed diagnostic instrument with a five-in-one design, offering exceptional sound quality and flexibility for a wide range of auscultation tasks in clinical settings.

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Sprague Stethoscope in Black

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Dual Lumen Tubing
The Sprague Stethoscope features dual lumen tubing, which eliminates the interference of external noises, providing clear and accurate auscultation.

Adjustable Binaurals
Designed with adjustable binaurals, it offers a comfortable fit for all users, ensuring optimal performance during examinations.

Comprehensive Accessory Kit
Includes multiple ear tips and diaphragms, allowing for a customised fit and versatile use in various medical settings.

Durable Construction
Made from high-quality materials, this stethoscope is built to withstand frequent use and offers long-lasting durability.


Experience precise and clear auscultation with the Sprague Stethoscope in Black, designed for comfort and reliability in every examination.

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Versatile Chestpiece
The dual-head chestpiece provides versatility for both adult and paediatric assessments, making it a valuable tool for medical professionals.

Wide Colour Range
Available in a range of colours, allowing healthcare professionals to choose their preferred style while maintaining functionality.

Ergonomic Design
The ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, reducing strain and fatigue for the user.

Easy Maintenance
The stethoscope is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring hygiene and longevity of the instrument.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sprague Stethoscope is intended for use by trained medical professionals. Regularly check the ear tips and diaphragm for wear and replace them as needed to ensure optimal performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary use of the Sprague Stethoscope?
The Sprague Stethoscope is used for auscultation, allowing healthcare professionals to listen to heart, lung, and other body sounds for diagnostic purposes.

How do I adjust the binaurals?
The binaurals can be adjusted by gently pulling or pushing them to achieve a comfortable fit.

What accessories are included with the stethoscope?
The stethoscope comes with multiple ear tips, diaphragms, and a comprehensive accessory kit for customised use.

Is the stethoscope suitable for both adults and children?
Yes, the dual-head chestpiece makes it versatile for both adult and paediatric assessments.

How should I clean the stethoscope?
Clean the stethoscope with a mild detergent and water. Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners as they can damage the tubing.

How do I replace the diaphragm?
To replace the diaphragm, remove the old one and fit the new diaphragm securely into place. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions.

What colours are available for the Sprague Stethoscope?
The Sprague Stethoscope is available in a variety of professional and fun colours, allowing you to choose your preferred style.

What should I do if the stethoscope stops working properly?
If the stethoscope stops working properly, check the ear tips and diaphragm for wear and replace them if needed. If the issue persists, contact us for further assistance.



Discover the remarkable versatility of NZMD’s Sprague Stethoscope – a high-quality, dual-tubed diagnostic tool that delivers outstanding acoustic performance for healthcare professionals. Its unique five-in-one design and customizable components make it an ideal choice for a wide array of auscultation tasks, providing unparalleled flexibility and accuracy in clinical settings.